July 1, 2020 UPDATE, Starting today, we have restarted shipping to the majority of our customers locations excluding the USA due to the ongoing Covid situation. By order of USPS (Japan Post's overseas affiliate) no parcels are being accepted currently due to a lack of flights between Japan and the US. Here is a list of countries experiencing delays and/or stoppage.

As of May 29th, this was the situation. We are crossing our fingers that flights begin to fly shortly and with it, a return to regular shipping times. For the time being we are still waiting on an announcement regarding JAL/ANA and the US carriers flying to/from Japan. It seems that some have not yet anounced flights for June, so we are following closely. As for packages that have already been shipped. we have seem many of them moving as recent as mid-April. so if your item was shipped between then and the close of shipping (4/24) expect some new tracking details soon.
UPDATE: April 23rd, 2020
All shipments have temporarily halted as international flights have dramatically decreased and postal services are for the most part not accepting packages. Orders will continue to be processed and filled however shipping cannot begin until at least June 1st, 2020. We continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates here as the condition changes.
We would like to offer our apologies to anyone being affected by CoVid19 and by these delays.
All of our packages are sent with a tracking number.
You can check on the status of your package at Japan Post's website here
or your local post office.
If you have not received any shipping information within 1 week of your order, please first check your email junk inbox as some mail filters have mistakenly marked your confirmation as spam.