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  • JDM Tsurikawa Flashball



    After the Tsurikawa, the Flashball, also called "patoraito" (パトライト), is without a doubt Bosozokus and Kyusha lovers' favorite accessory! The Flashball was originally designed as a warning light when you had your car stopped on the side of the road because of mechanical issues. Only the purple type was then allowed as the red color was associated to Police cars. Bosozokus put them on the side of their bikes or on top of car backboards and light it up at night. (^_^)v

    Our original 12 Volt motorized rotating beacon light comes with a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter and a 2 meters cable. It uses a bright incandescent lamp with a polished rotating reflector. 


    This item is for show purpose only. Do not use on public road unless your country / state allows it.



    Size: Base: 185 x 125mm / Height: 135mm
    Weight: 450g
    Color: Purple
    Cable length: 2m
    Operation voltage: DC12v
    Rated current: 4.5A
    Bulb: Halogen type
    Mounting: 3 bolts permanent mount (NO MAGNET) Tip: you can also use Velcro tape!
    Included: Flashball with cable and 12V cigarette lighter adapter, spare fuse and bolts