Tommykaira Titan Baby Shift Knob

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This is a special Tommykaira x JDMPartsNinja collaboration titanium shift knob aka "Titan baby" aka "Titan bebi"

The weight is 270g, The shape is the same as the 'hebi bebi'

ONLY 50 made and all shift knobs come with Certificate of Authenticity

10 x 1.25 pitch (mainly Nissan, please double check before ordering)

We are looking into other pitches 10x1.5 & 12x1.25 if enough people are interested.

The available finish currently available is:

Polished Raw Titanium - pic#1 right knob 

Burnt Titanium - pic#1 left knob  (as well as all others) each finish will be slightly different as they are hand burned.

Options for the burnt finish include painted lettering in;

Red, Yellow/Gold, White, Black, Sky blue, Purple

The available turtles colours are in limited quantities; 

Red, Blue, Green, Black, Silver, Yellow. 

Not currently available with a reverse lockout option.

If you would like your turtle affixed, PLEASE specify "YES" in the question box.

Also, if you want to buy just the TURTLE replacement you can do so here --> Turtle emblems

We are proud to be the only authorized dealer of authentic Tommykaira mechandise and parts outside of Japan.