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  • JDM Tsurikawa License Plates



    Japanese number plates are over played? Well, we got sometimes very cool for you!

    In Japan, when you need to drive a car that doesn't have a valid Shaken (car inspection) or is not registered, you can temporary use a special number plate called "kari number" (仮ナンバー, "Kari" means temporary). This number plate can be requested at your local city hall, and used from 3 to 5 days. It is very cheap, you don't need many documents and it basically allows you to drive pretty much anything on the road. There are different format of Kari Number but the most common on features a diagonal red line, random numbers, and kanjis related to the prefecture and the city.

    Red stripe, grey zone

    While the Kari Number is mostly used by garages to bring cars to the Shaken center, it also helps a lot of car enthusiasts who want to drive their car to the track or to a show and can't afford a trailer. Or when they want to go for a run in the mountains once in while...

    Of course, this type of use is not permitted, but this is a grey zone and it is common to see modified cars with a Kari Number driving around. You know he is not going to the Shaken center haha!

    4 Designs

    • 京都 (Kyoto) 69-69 暴走天使 (Bosozoku Angels)
    • なにわ (Naniwa) 6-66 車高短 (Shakotan aka "Dropped")
    • 大阪 (Osaka) 46-49 (Yoroshiku aka "A bitter death at night") 暴走族 (Bosozoku)
    • 大阪 (Osaka) 45-64 (Running lights) 暴走族 (Bosozoku)


    The JDM Tsurikawa "Kari Number" number plate is for decoration purpose only. 
    The size and holes distance is Japanese spec.




    Size: 330 x 165mm / 13 x 6.5" 
    Distance between holes: 21cm / 8.3" (JDM size)
    Weight: 100g
    Material: Embossed aluminium