Tommykaira Onyx Bebi Shift Knob

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Tommykaira Onyx Bebi black chrome plated brass shift knob. 

Weight: approx. 522 grams.

Limited production of 200 units total (split among all pitch types)


  • a custom made display box for the "Bebi" series shift knobs
  • a numbered #1-200 certificate of authenticity

The available colours are in limited quantities; 

Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Green, Yellow/Gold, Blizzard White

The available thread pitch is currently 10 x 1.25, 10 x 1.5, (SOLD OUT : 12 x 1.25, & reverse lockout 12x1.25 short knob) 

If you want to buy just the TURTLE replacement you can do so here --> Turtle emblems

We are proud to be the only authorized dealer of authentic Tommykaira merchandise and parts outside of Japan.