Tommykaira Keys


Tommykaira "Hebi Bebi" inspired blank keys with customizable turtles.

Supply is currently limited however if the item sells out we will take backorders.

Backorder wait time is approximately 3-5 weeks.  

Cut pattern:

Type 1: Nissan old : not limited to but including BNR32, HR32, Z32, K11, BCNR33, ECR33

Type 2: Nissan new : not limited to but including ER34, K12

Type 3: Honda :  including most

Type 4: Subaru :  including but not limited to GC8, BH/BE, GDB-A

Cars with electronic immobilizers installed in the key FOB such as shown in picture #4 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE.

Engraved Text: Silver & Gold (limited edition)

Turtle: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Silver, Yellow/Gold

Please confirm your key type before ordering.

We are proud to be the only authorized dealer of authentic Tommykaira merchandise and parts outside of Japan.